I Can’t See The Time Of Nothing

My Saddest Song – I’m Free – My Moon Sofa – Red Wine No Pain
Gelena – Lou Is 17 – Not Today – An Old Casino – Mr. Babu

My Saddest Song

Fog and rain here the weather remains, the same for you is it a shame? Darling don’t feel blame.
I’ll pick you up and I’ll sing you a song, maybe the saddest song but don’t you know that the sad songs cause no pain and…
Oh what do you think to do? What do you think you’ll say if I take your bad dreams away and you’ll feel no blame?
I didn’t say that by now you’ll be free I didn’t guarantee it, I just want to make you laugh.
And if you listen to this song I’m sure you won’t feel wrong I hope you’ll find some peace for a night for a while for a song.

I’m Free

I ran off with my car because there was nothing there to hear, they talked about politics and I get tired in two drinks, I’m neither drunk I drive and I turn right to avoid the police well I’m free.
I come back home at 4am disorder is my guest, I didn’t do my duties and a wife is my request.
But I’m free, to live the life I’m living, yes I’m free, to get just what I need to be free.
And free to say the sun is green the moon is hot tonight hey hey there’s a bird is running through my thoughts and the sky is empty because the clouds want to be free.
I wake up in the morning with a terrible headache, my working week has been a horrible mistake but I’m free…

My Moon Sofa

I’m sitting all alone because tonight Alice won’t come, she’s having dinner with her pa and I’m playing on my sofa.
Loneliness I’ll write this song, happiness I’ll sing this song, sadness you won’t waste my song, when I play I’m strong.
Everybody drink and talk while I’m playing lost in my folk everybody dink and laugh and I sing my silly verse.
People they think they’re clever with a well respected job and they sink in a glass of fantasies because tonight I make the rules and the sun turns around the fools and the fools turn around the moon and my house is on the moon and oh I’m glad because my house is perfect for a mad and they’re sad because the sun turns around me.
And I’m doing good.

Red Wine, No Pain

I wanted to talk about you and me, but I’m tired of you and sometimes of me. I drink some wine to speak my mind, Saturday night will take me away, away from you and there I’ll be true.
I reach my pillow I catch a dream, no hurt, no pain I’m just sleeping (and everything is right for me) people outside you shout and drink but here inside me I’m a king and I’ll be true with you or without you. My painful thoughts now linger on, but with my mind I’m miles away well I smile yes I’ll always be true with you or without you I’ll always be true.


There is a girl who use to cry because no one sing her name, and though she says she’s going to change the tears are drifting again, I hope one day you’ll use to smile, I hope you’ll feel ok there is a girl who use to cry Gelena hear me play. Hey hey I’ll play till your smile will rise hey hey I say I’ll take your tears away booom boo boo. And every day and every night she’s trying to smile again and every night and every day I sing her name again. Hey hey…
I hope your boy will give you everything you need to, everything you need to love, the only thing that I’ll do Gelena I’m sure I’ll give you everything you need to smile.

Lou Is 17

I won’t say that now is like when I was 16 I can’t hide the time and if you make me laugh I smile and a wrinkle rise on me. All that thoughtless time is far can you remember when our loves began under September and the school saved us from our dreams? What’s in my chance well I won’t be green but by now I’ll fell like 17. In July our summers where so hot and longer than that lessons spent playing tricks and leafing through our magazines.

An Old Casino

Lady Luck give me red because I’ve bet all I had and they’re telling me I’m dead. Lady Luck is it true? Are you guiding the ball in my right winning holes and I know that this time I’ll win for life.
Lady Luck wouldn’t be nice if I, hey, gone away back home tonight, lady luck I’m reaching the top so just show me the flop there I’ll bet all I’ve got.

Mr. Babu

Mr. Babu, how many hours before you’ll set your things in this world and we’ll be fine? And how many days before you’ll heal our pains and our souls and we’ll be free?
Mr. Babu how many years before the sun will kiss the moon again? And how many centuries before the stars will forgive our sins?
Wouldn’t be nice to laugh? Wouldn’t be nice to play? Wouldn’t be nice to love?
Nothing is going as you want in this world. Mr Babu how many songs before mymind will turn into marmalade?
And would you mind tell to my dad nothing is wrong I was born for this microphone?



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